• Olivia Nicholl

2020/ New Year, New Mindset

Ah, the new year… a time of setting goals and making changes. An occasion where you are simultaneously filled with excitement for what is to come and a sense of nervousness for the unknown. Whether it be on a global or individual level, many of us feel the pressure to walk into the new year with a list of resolutions that declare a “new us”. This idea of an “improved version of ourselves” often comes with a lineup of relatively vague intentions such as; losing weight, quitting smoking, living life to the fullest, etc. While these are wonderful destinations to work towards, we often forget about the journey it takes to get there. The many moments of going to war with old habits and the days where we struggle to remember why the hell we are doing this.

Changing habits comes with changing our mindset, and the work that is involved with the rewiring of our brain is not for the lighthearted. It takes a mix of determination and immense patience and kindness towards yourself. Most importantly, it takes longer then that moment where the clock switches us all into a new year. It can take weeks, months or sometimes 365 days but the key is to commit to being in it for the long haul, for all the good and the bad moments ahead.

A true fresh start, the one we are all after- doesn't come from a new year, month or week, it comes from the magic of a new mindset. Every bit of change, whether big or small- starts within. If this new year, you are looking to be better, have better or do better, the origins of every one of those changes starts within yourself. We invite you to start your new year off by dedicating to give your mind and body the emotional, and physical fuel it requires in order to dream and create BIG. You deserve to flourish, not just this year, but in every moment the future holds.

Here's to wishing you a happy new year and a strong mindset- we support you!



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